About Valeri...


Welcome to my boutique!

I started Valeri's Boutique in 2014. As a relatively newly married stay at home mom, with a crafty side, I had a desire to create something with my hands. As an orthodox Jewish woman, I began covering my hair and found it challenging to find head coverings that I felt comfortable and put together in. While searching, I stumbled upon our vintage round crystal applique and took one of my beaten up old berets and placed it on. Just like that, our first design was born! I posted it on my Instagram account and received my first order. Within a few months, I received messages from women opening up about their struggles with covering hair. They shared the compliments they received while wearing their new pieces and expressed the joy they felt in feeling beautiful. This was and still is the fuel that motivates me to continue creating. I am constantly inspired by my customers and am so thankful for the support and love I have received. The baby and girls collection was inspired by my children, a little girl and little boy!

Thank you so much for stopping in. I hope you see the love I put in each piece and that you find something you love.



Founder of Valeri's Boutique